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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Perfumes for Hot Seducing

Best summer fragrance and everything you need to know about them.
Seduce men easily and help will arrive in glass bottles of these summer fragrances that will fascinate man's world.

      Moschino Toujours Glamour                                           Passion / Shiseido Zen Purple

                           Givenchy Ange ou demon                                              Cacharel Amor Amor Delight

                   Marc Jacobs Daisy                                                 Givenchy Very Irresistible Summer                                    Vibrations

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What do you need to know about Perfumes??
What is the difference between perfumer and au de toilette?
-The main difference between perfume and eau de toilette is the concentration of fragrant substances.  Fragrances usually contain 20 % concentrate, and eau de toilette 10%.  Otherwise, mostly smell the same.
How many times can you test perfumes during the day/
-During the day you can test up to 3 scents.  It is best to do this in the morning because then the sense of smell unsaturated.  It is advisable to test the smell of roasted coffee beans because it creates a new basis for the second smelling perfume.
What is the best place to apply perfume ?
-Wrists, neck and inner side of the knee are ideal places to apply perfume, because of their fragrance longer holds.  Never rub perfume because it destroys its structure, and the smell changes.  Keep in mind that most perfumes contain alcohol that dries out the skin and affects the aging of the skin.  If you have sensitive skin, choose a fragrance that does not contain alcohol.
How can the perfume lasts as long as possible?
-If you would like your perfume to retain longer, apply it to damp skin immediately after showering.  It is best to apply before dressing, as some perfumes leave marks on clothes ( especially synthetic materials ).  The smell of perfume can increase if you use more products from the same collection.  Take a shower gel, then apply perfuming body milk, and finally, a few drops of perfume.  If you want the fragrance lasts longer, choose one that is rich in sensuous, base notes.  Base notes of perfume scents are linked to one another.  The base notes include earthy aromas, spices and notes such as amber, musk, vanilla, moss and sandalwood.  People who have dry, skin will be more likely to apply  perfume few times a day.  In contrast, oily skin is retaining the scent of perfume.
The perfume must be spent within 2 years.  It is best stored in a cool, shaded place.  Heat, humidity and light shortens the  life of perfume.  If you feel the sour flavor, it means that your fragrance is no longer fresh.
The upper, middle and bottom notes of fragrance - what it means ?-Upper surface or perfume notes are easily and quickly evaporate.  Middle notes are flowery perfume scents ( jasmine, rose ), a bottom or base notes are the ones that last the longest.



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